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Tips and Hints



It will be easier to place and get the product out of the


oven. You will avoid accidental burns.


They are easy and save to assemble: handles never get




1. Get the handle close to the socket of the


cast aluminium piece.


2. Place the metallic piece of the handle in


the socket.


3. Coil up the end of the handle to fix both pieces.


4. Cook your favourite recipes.


You will make the maximum use of your cupboard and


dishwasher space.



1. Remove all packaging and labels, and wash pans in hot soapy water, rinse and dry pans thoroughly

2. Condition the interior of the pan with a little vegetable oil and rub in using a pad of kitchen paper, rinse the pan with a little hot water. Your pan is now ready for use.

3. Occasional re -conditioning after use will help protect the surface and promote long life of the product.

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Always match the diameter of the stainless steel disc in the base of pan to the induction hob cooking zone.

Using a pan with a small stainless steel disc on too large a cooking zone may result in a weaker magnetic field being created and reduced heat output. In some cases the hob may not “recognise” the pan and no heat will be generated.

DO NOT use the boost function for longer than is required to bring the pan’s contents to a boil. The boost function should only be used for rapid heating of large quantities of water e.g. for boiling pasta or vegetables.

During cooking, you may notice some slight noise being generated in the pan by the induction hob. This will not damage the pan or affect cooking performance.

Oils and fats

You can if you wish add a little oil or fat to the cooking surface before heating begins. This will improve the flavour and browning of foods. At no time should the oil or fat be allowed to become smoking hot. If this should occur cool the pan before proceeding. Please do not use Olive oil or oils with a low burning temperature, we recommend, Rapeseed or Sunflower oil.

Induction Hob Cooking